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What is ZimiZoom?

ZimiZoom is a mobile app which provides a connectivity service to both drivers and passengers. Simply put, it's software that helps people who need a ride find people willing to drive them to their destination, for a certain cost. Our Company initiated this project with the aim to help people across the globe to meet their everyday needs in an easy, safe and cost-effective way, through the use of modern technology.

How does it work?

Both passengers and drivers who download our app are ZimiZoom Club Members that can connect to each other in a matter of seconds. When a passenger needs a ride, all they need to do is open ZimiZoom app and request a ride to a certain destination. Our software sends an immediate signal to all available drivers willing to go to that destination and as soon as they confirm, the passenger receives information stating that a driver will pick them up within minutes. No phone calls, no confusion about location or timing - finally, both passengers and drivers can now enjoy their experience faster and easier than ever.

Advanced features

In addition to our standard features, we are proud to present you with state-of-the-art features such as your own personal e-Wallet and a variety of safety features as well. ZimiZoom e-Wallet enables users to quickly and safely upload and download money which significantly decreases the need to use a Credit Card and speeds up the transfer process. Our safety features, such as the Emergency Assistance Button, Share My Trip, 2-Way Ratings and GPS Tracking enable our users to experience their trips with comfort, knowing that they are fully supported along the way.